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Eleven Quick Tips to Help You Be a Better Teacher

Julia G. Thompson

1. Plan your lunches. Stock up on items that are easy to toss into your lunch bag as you rush out the door: cheese sticks, crudités with hummus, fruit cups, apples, nuts, the teachers’ staple: peanut butter, crackers, plenty of water, green tea, and anything else that you find enjoyable and healthful.

2. Dress the part. Even on casual Fridays, you should not dress as if you just finished mowing the lawn.

3. Plan how you are going to manage the intense stress levels that can occur when you have too much to do and too little time. Even simple actions such as a brisk walk, a completed to-do list, or getting enough sleep will make it easier for you to enjoy your school days.

4. Take your successes home with you, but leave your problems at school.

5. Don’t listen to those teachers who are negative.

6. Act confidently.

7. Over plan.

8. Start your day with a neat desk. End with a neat desk.

9. Use a digital recorder or write notes. You won’t remember.

10. Wear comfortable shoes.

11. Be early. Stay a bit late. You will feel better if you give 100%+ while you are at school.

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