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Howard Gardner’s Eight Intelligences

Verbal-linguistic intelligence refers to an individual’s ability to analyze information and produce work that involves oral and written language, such as speeches, books, and memos.
Logical-mathematical intelligence describes the ability to develop equations and proofs, make calculations, and solve abstract problems.
Visual-spatial intelligence allows people to comprehend maps and other types of graphical information.
Musical intelligence enables individuals to produce and make meaning of different types of sound.
Naturalistic intelligence refers to the ability to identify and distinguish among different types of plants, animals, and weather formations found in the natural world.
Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence entails using one’s own body to create products or solve problems.
Interpersonal intelligence reflects an ability to recognize and understand other people’s moods, desires, motivations, and intentions.
Intrapersonal intelligence refers to people’s ability to recognize and assess those same characteristics within themselves.

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